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Mancrush: Aristotle once said..

4 May

Of man crushes.

None can match the cosmos sized, identity forming crush I gathered on Chris-in-the-Morning from ‘Northern Exposure’ back-in-the-day. This show is still my favourite piece of television. At its best (which is where one judges the best), it reached a plateau of sentiment and insight rarely attempted, let-a-lone attained. Sure, it was Whitman Mach10, but to elicit a quiet smile and sigh is a rare thing. Snarkers take note.

And at the centre, for me, was Chris Stevens; the philosphy expounding, ex-con DJ for K-Bear. He’d spin his tunes and furrow his come hither brow and his bookend monologues over closing Cicilien montages were just about my favourite thing in the ‘now what have we learnt’ universe. Mancrush reached its zenith in the episode ‘Northern Lights’ (s4, ep18.), where, driven by some restless need (Ding!), he constructs a vast sculpture of lamps in the Alaskan night,and then rises before it, HenryV style, and delivers a speech upon the nature of light and longing that just about broke my tiny little heart.  It commences with a Goethe quote. It concludes with, “Light……….is light.”  I ask you!

So,  I still buy lamps. I jam lyricism into any situation and refuse to learn from the awkward silences. I use the words incandescent or luminous in every story I write. I haven’t done hard time in prison or wandered the wide plains of Alaska and beyond, but I did once shop-lift at Venture and walk home to Keysborough from Nunawading. I don’t attract conga lines of  women with a seasonal pheromone release, and I use google, not dog-eared anthologies, for most of my quotes.

I fall short, but the shape of him comforts still.

Oh Chris. Oh sublime, fictional Chris. Such a model you have presented to aspire to.