About this blog.

Are you  Johnny Cash or Chief Martin Brody?

That is, are you persona public poetica; a  swagger that somehow creates its own truth?


The guy who nobody notices or remembers who blows up the sharks and quietly saves days..kind of..if that’s okay with you?

Hello. This is my blog. Much of it will be about men, because that is what I am (singular) and what I see and hear from blokes is often an education about my own bits and pieces. For the record, I like to believe I’m the former, but mostly I’m the latter.

This blog is all about we few, we happy few. The balls out brilliance. The balls up boofheads. The worth of mythology, the comfort of delusion. Heroes, villains, seducers, tongue-tied-feet-shufflers, those who swing first and those who question always. The quiet assured, the clanging intruders, those who are compelled to lead and those who are happy to flock.


And there will be stuff on the other things that cross the masculine radar. Like women. Yes women. How they’re  lovely and cruel, but mostly not like men at all actually. There will be flying things, like daredevils, who leap twelve double-decker buses when there are thirteen lined up.  Dangerous things like sharks, and how they epitomize  something deeply coded I’m not quite able to deconstruct.

So welcome. Comments invited. Penises optional.


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